Permanent call of responses to Knowledge Swaraj. An Indian Manifesto on Science and Technology

Knowledge Swaraj. An Indian Manifesto on Science and Technology is a Manifesto published by Knowledge in Civil Society (KICS) Trust in India in 2011. Nourished by an in-depth reflection on cognitive justice and the plurality of knowledges, this Manifesto offers a very rich vision of a new social contract between science and sustainable development in the Global South (India). It invites us to rethink our conception of knowledge and its relationship to society by drawing inspiration from the ideas and actions of Gandhi and various other Indian social movements. The Manifesto calls for scientific and technical development rooted in the needs and realities of Indian people.

This Manifesto also demands recognition of the social responsibility of science, technology and its actors, and that this responsibility guides its actions. In particular, the Knowledge Swaraj pleads, on the one hand, for the showcase the knowledge and know-how resulting from tradition, practice and experience. For scientific and technological development to work for the sustainable betterment of society as a whole, the knowledge, needs and perspectives of all must be considered and taken into account, especially those of the poorest. Knowledge Swaraj invites, on the other hand, the holders of knowledge not to monopolize them, but rather to share them in a spirit of giving. Finally, it calls for the experimentation of new forms of democratic participation in science and technology, so as to find ways to put these ideals into practice.

With the agreement of the KICS which is the author, Editions science et bien commun have decided to translate this Manifesto into French. In particular, we hope that this text will circulate in the French-speaking countries of the Global South to inspire local reflections on the type of scientific research that is desirable for these countries: research that respects their priorities, their aspirations and their epistemologies, for example. Many thanks to Mélissa Lieutenant-Gosselin who did the French translation. We did not find the resources to add a translation into Spanish or Portuguese, but the invitation is launched!

In order to launch this plurilingual and international debate on the proposals put forward by Knowledge Swaraj , we will add to our book already containing the original and the French version of the Manifesto a third part which will be composed of responses by authors from the Global South in any language.

If you want to answer this call, READ the Manifesto and write a text expressing your reactions, ideas, questions, comparisons, etc. aroused by this reading.

Click here to read the Knowledge Swaraj Manifesto online and here to have access to the PDF version of Knowledge Swaraj Manifesto.

Send your response to For format and length, see our writing instructions (an abstract is not necessary)..

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